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Whole life challenge 

Hey CrossFitters!!!
     It’s that time year again! Kids are back at school, we’re all falling back into our routine, and NOW is the time to get back on track with our nutrition. You know CK and I have always had the approach of finding a way of eating that works for you. Not a crash diet that you’re going to do for 2 week and then go back to your old ways (even though some of you have lost the same 20lbs multiple times! lol!) . We’ve done a TON of different challenges over the years and we find that members will do great on a challenge and then as soon as it’s over we fall off. We’ve tried so many different things to help us all stick, and the whole life challenge had the best feedback. It involves 7 healthy lifestyle habits. Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Mobility, Hydration, Lifestyle Practices, and Reflection. Even if you really struggle at more than one of these, focusing on one throughout the challenge will help you a TON. Our goal for all of our members is to live a healthy lifestyle. Not just for a few weeks, but to teach you the ways to achieve and sustain that lifestyle. If anyone did this challenge before and remember how the end we lost ALL our data. No worries! We’re going to have a back up this time to make sure we’ve got everyone’s data. Alright, enough babbling….here are the details.
     This 8 week challenge will start September 19th, 2016 and will end November 11th. If you go to register for the challenge, you will see that it says that it starts on the 17th. Don’t stress. We’re going to have everyone log full points for those first two days, however, Monday will start the real thing. We wanted everyone to have the weekend to get their body analysis in, food prep, and be ready to dominate starting Monday. We’ve got Bill coming out Saturday the 17th starting at 8am and again on the 19th at 5pm for anyone who can’t make the 17th. If either of those days/times can’t work for you, call/email/text me and we can get you squared away. The sign up board will be ready tomorrow afternoon for you all to sign up for the body analysis. With the body analysis, you will get an accurate read of your body fat, muscle mass, and how many calories you should be eating. Even if you are not doing the challenge, you can sign up for a body analysis. Cost is $10 for and we ask that you bring cash or check as we pay Bill directly.  
      There are three different levels for this challenge depending on how strict you are trying to be. Remember…our goal is to have a sustainable food plan. It’s NOT a diet. The three levels are Kick Start, Lifestyle, and Performance. You can read more about the levels by clicking on the link below. Please make sure to have your level picked out before the 17th. We will have a nutrition lecture given by CK on the 17th at 11am. We’ll discuss the different levels, how to food prep, and answer any questions you guys may have.  
Below is the link to register for the challenge. Cost for the challenge for all RETURNING players (meaning if you’ve done the Whole Life Challenge before) Early Bird price is $29, NEW Players Early Bird Price is $39 and ALL players after the Early Bird Registration is $49. Early Bird Registration ends August 31st (thats Wednesday!) so GET ON IT!!! :) On September 17th we will also have a WLC workout that will need to be completed no later September 24th. We will be calculating winners based off of the body percentage lost after the 8 weeks is complete. Prizes will be donations from business that we’ve been partnered up with. We will announce the prizes during the first week of the challenge.  
SOOOOOOOO……You’re doing the challenge and you’re ready to get yourself set up for success. Here’s a snapshot of what you need to do before the start of the challenge.  
Register for the challenge by the 31st of August to save some big time money. 

Complete the Self Assessment by September 17th

Sign up for your Body Analysis either Saturday the 17th or Monday the 19th

Complete the WLC workout by September 24th.

Download both the Whole Life Challenge app and the My Fitness Pal app both by the 17th (once you download the WLC app, join CrossFit Resurgence’s team)

Attend the Nutrition Lecture on September 17th

As always, let me know if you have any questions. Hope you guys have a great week! I won’t be sending a weekly announcement out this week, but will be sending the NEW Fall schedule so be on the lookout!!!
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