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Weekly Announcements


Hey CrossFitters!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their week and is ready to celebrate on Saturday! Oh and Happy Summer!!  It’s officially summer…woohoo!  Just a few things to fill you in on and reminders…

Price Change-  Some of you will notice that some of our inventory has gone up in price a few dollars.  Some of the items that we stock has gone up in cost so therefore their selling price has gone up too.  It’s not all the items, but there are a few.  If you notice an item costs differently and are wondering, feel free to call or email me.

Card for Charlie and Allison Simmons- I extended mailing Charlie’s and Allison’s card until Friday.  If you’re at the gym and would like to sign it please do.  I moved it to be on the cubbies.  It had gotten tucked away so I don’t think many people saw it.  Let me know if you can’t find it or ask a trainer.  ​​​​​​​

CrossFit Kids– Today starts a new session for CrossFit Kids!!  To make a correction from last week, we’re focusing on more gymnastic movements this session and not agility.  Sorry for the confusion.  Registration is closed, but if you’re interested in your child attending, just show up today and we’ll get them added to the roster.  It truly is remarkable watching such little human beings working on the same skills we do.  After this session there will be a week off due to Fourth of July and then our 3rd session will pick up.  You can register below for the 3rd session that will be running from July 12th- July 21st.


The Anniversary Party/Member Appreciation cookout is coming up!!!  We will be placing the order for food today.  Please make sure you register no later than noon today!  We want to try to have an accurate food count.  Can’t wait to hang out and celebrate!!!


Got Socks?  CrossFit Resurgence has partnered up with Helping Hugs.  They’re a non profit organization who help people in our community who are in need.  They are currently collecting socks for those those people who are less fortunate.  These socks are going to be placed in homeless shelters, local food pantries, bus shelters, and park benches.  Our goal is to collect 450 pairs of socks.  If you would like to donate, there is a blue bin at the gym that you can place socks in.

Have a great rest of the week!



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