Sign up for the Open and Final Weigh in for Challenge  – CrossFit Resurgence

Sign up for the Open and Final Weigh in for Challenge 

This Saturday is final weigh in! Doesn’t mean we are changing anything food wise, just weighing in to chart our progress! Because #thisisntadietitsjusthowweeatnowright!??? I have been hearing some great progress stories and some great mindset shifts about food which is most important to me. Anyone can lose 10lb, but it takes some growth and learning to figure out what works for you and stick with it for the long haul. Sign up on the board for weigh in and measurement time slot. 
Open is coming! Well actually, It’s here already. Next week is the first workout announcement. We already have over 30 people registered but I want over 50, no let’s try to hit 60 participants. 

Also not sure if everyone saw the announcement a while back, but Sophia, our Regsitered Dietician that did our last nutrition talk, and owner of Straight Up Nutrition has offered $50 off any consult or package, so you can dial in your nutrition and perform at your best. Contact her at

Why do I want everyone to do the open? Read below and you will understand. I get so psyched this time of year. This is the best part of Crossfit. People putting themselves out there, in the arena, risking it and ending up exceeding all expectations they had for themselves and doing things they thought were impossible. So much fun to watch the accomplishments! It’s inspiring! 

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