Schedule Change for August – CrossFit Resurgence

Schedule Change for August

Wanted to give these two dudes quick shoutout. The doubles were finally coming last week for both JW and CDoug, JW got 10 in a row! And I don’t have it on video but Chris pulled 495 on the deadlift like butter. I have been joking around about 6x singles for scale to try to get y’all to work on those dubs during a WoD and you see it’s starting to pay off. You only get better by doing it! Keep up the good work! 
Some minor adjustments to the schedule for August. We are Bringing back the 930a class on Tuesday and Thursday. That means  instead of the Bootcamp class and Crossfit kids, you will be having a normal Crossfit Level one class so you can hit the WoD while the Crossfit kids class is going on. We will divide the gym the same way we did for Bootcamp. 

So what happening to Bootcamp? Well for this week, there is no Bootcamp.Jen and I are going to be running Crossfit kids while V is in Russia so class is cancelled. Starting next week, Bootcamp will be back but on Monday and Wednesday at 930. There will also be a normal Crossfit level class at that time. So CK will run the Bootcamp class and Robby/Josh will take the Crossfit class. 

Last few weeks before school starts. Let’s finish up the summer strong. Also a couple spots left on the bus if you want to jump in, text me and I am pretty sure we can still get you a ticket! 

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