Powerhouse 5… – CrossFit Resurgence

Powerhouse 5…

Stability Class is off to a great start!! Good showings for both morning and evening classes and I’m super excited to start seeing all the improvements in the gym:-).  We started talking about the Powerhouse 5 during class last week and I wanted to expand upon that idea and get it out to the rest of the crew as well.  I’d like to take credit for the name because it’s brilliant, however credit goes to Dr Perry Nickelston..”Stop Chasing Pain”.  At least that’s where I heard it :-)…..I love it because I think it’s a great way to visualize the deep core muscles that connect the upper and lower body and the place from where real power comes.  When we’ve got these muscle fibers firing correctly there is an efficiency in our movement patterns that keeps fatigue, injury and pain at bay and increases overall strength.  Watch some of the best at the Crossfit games and what do they have in common??  Fluid, gymnastic like core movements.  So what muscles exactly are we talking about??

core-muscles-allCheck out a couple of things above.. Psoas and QL (quadratus lumborum) above.. both attach to the lower rib cage and on the opposite end, psoas in the front pelvic area and QL to the back.  Huge hinge movers on either side of the spine… Imagine just one or the other even just on one side offline and you can see where you could get some movement dysfunction patterns.  Moving on we have rectus abdominis and TVA (transverse abdominis) in the front and to the back Glute maximus and combined erector spinae and multifidus (below).  The last 2 are combined as they work together to directly move the spine.

mutifidusAat the top here you can see where the neck muscles come into play!  (just a preview as to where improper breathing and tight neck muscles could come into play as a compensator to weaker core muscles).  Close your eyes now and imagine those powerhouse muscles not working– feel how they would cause you to rely directly on the spine to hold you in place and where inhibition here could cause strain, discomfort and worst case scenario.. herniation.  Also think of movements out in your extremities without the 5 in place… Can you see where a knee inflammation or hot elbow might come into play?? Now with the muscles fired back on you can hinge at the hips using the active musculature for power in your movements, a strong foundation on which to spring off of for power and efficiency.  Maybe I’m just the anatomy nerd that likes to visualize where the movement is coming from but I think it helps to keep me aligned and in good form (when I can! lol).  I hope it helps you too!!  “2014…year of strength from inside to out!” -Thanks for the quote Lauren!!

Coach Tina-


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