Jim Haviley – CrossFit Resurgence

Jim Haviley

175554_435553133160330_895196898_oCrossfit level 1 Certified

CPR/AED/First Aid Certified


OJ (AKA Jim “OLD MAN” Haviley).. OJ has been with CFR from the very Beginning. OJ received his level 1 Trainer Certificate On August 12th 2012 just two months after knee surgery. Prior to CFR, OJ was a certified trainer at Edwards Health and Fitness In Naperville over 3 years. His unique approach to training brings results through hard work and laughter as well as his empathy to the client. He lives in River Run with his wife Corinne (also a member of CFR) and three grown sons who also are addicted to Crossfit. Due to OJ’s age he stands out as the senior member at CFR. OJ started Crossfitting over 4 years ago with encouragement from his Oldest son Chris who is a CPT. In the Army. As a result of crossfit Oj is no longer taking medication for cholesterol or blood pressure, something he is is very happy about. He loves the CFR family and will help everyone achieve their goals…Here are a few questions we asked OJ to capture his personality.

1.  How did you get started in CrossFit?
My 26 year old son began encouraging me six months before I really joined a Box…

2.  What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Resurgence?
The people at the box are the best! Great personalities as well as encouragement at every opportunity

3. What are your two favorite movements of CrossFit?
KB swings and Hang Cleans… Don’t forget Tire situps!!!!

4.  What makes taking your classes so fun?
The dedication of everyone in the class… striving to achieve another level of performance and beating the goals they set

5. What is your favorite food?

6. What is your best personality attribute?
empathy other than my sense of sarcasm and humor

7. What does the “perfect day” look like to you?
Sunny …slightly warm a good breakfast and a challenging WOD! also the hugs you get from fellow Wodders!!!

8. What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?
I’m an open book… Not much is held back.. I really love REAL people and can care less about the plastic ones!