Craig Kaufman – CrossFit Resurgence
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    CrossFit Level One – 2008
    CrossFit Coaches Prep – 2012
    Crossfit Endurance – 2009
    USAW Sports Performance Coach – 2012

    I have been a full time coach since 2009. I have spent countless hours in the field, honing my craft. I love to coach movement. I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from many great coaches along the way. I view myself as a life long learner, a student of the game. I know way more than I did when I first started, and yet I still feel like I am a baby with so much more to learn. As owner and head trainer of Crossfit Resurgence, I have also had the pleasure of grooming my apprentice coaches into full time coaches. This is something I am very proud of, as I would put our training staff up against the best in the business when it comes to knowledge, presence, seeing and correcting movement. They are amazing and it is rewarding to know that I have been able to help in a small way bring them along.

    I also have learned a great deal about nutrition along the way and I am passionate about helping my clients not only achieve the body composition goals they set, but learn how to make a complete lifestyle change in the way they view food.

    My faith and my family are a huge part of what makes me tick. If im not at the gym, Im probably pimping around town in my swagger wagon, doing something with the kids.

    Oh yeah, and I am the sleeping bandit… LOL

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