New Stability Class to CFR – CrossFit Resurgence

New Stability Class to CFR

What if you could turn back time and regain the perfect primitive movements we had as a child but only this time you had Crossfit to add on top of that programming.   Craig and I have been talking ALOT about core stability and movement patterns and are always on the look out for injury preventive practices. Functional Movement Screenings now occur with each new member to the gym (information is posted on our homepage). This work has helped pinpoint individual needs and corrective exercises for each new athlete and has also brought to light some common deficits we have as a whole community.  Don’t get me wrong.. You are all Bad*sses in every sense of the word… but what is the next level??  How do we up the game AND prevent injury?? 80% of Americans have back pain— That is an incredible statistic!!  And if it’s not back pain its hip or knee pain.  The general population just treats it with pain medicine and decreased movement; time off from the gym–No Beuno.  I can understand this reasoning especially when there is little other options available to us, I mean Pain is definitely a sign that a change needs to occur and without that change further injury can ensue–so it’s super important to listen to our bodies.  But I firmly believe the answer lies in movement re patterning efforts rather than pain meds and lying on the couch  – and there are others out there who feel the same :-).  How many of you have taken time off of the gym with an injury only to feel even worse than before??  The human body was meant for movement!

The research is pointing to bad movement patterns, postures and loss of stabilizing muscles as the culprits for these injury and pain patterns.  Dr Joan Vernikos– a former NASA scientist has written a book–“Sitting Kills–Moving Heals”.  Coming from NASA studies of space, she talks about the role gravity can have on our spine and core musculature.  With Industrial Nations sitting more in our jobs and recreational time we are losing strength much more quickly.  We need to involve push back against gravity engaging our muscles to fight the effects and keep healthy and moving well.  The NY Times also covered a story recently about how our modern conveniences are hurting us…

sitting   You can see one of the points here involves electrical activity being turned off to the leg muscles…that can’t be good!  Dr Eric Goodman a chiropractor,  has also developed an exercise program called Foundation training.  His work goes hand in hand with the theories of Dr Vernikos and this fight against gravitational pulls.  It has shown alot of promise with reduced back, knee and hip pain and an increase in overall strength.  Yes I know that by doing Crossfit we are infinitely improving our overall health but it’s only part of the puzzle— a big part but a part nonetheless.  Without foundational work and proper core engagement we are at risk of injuries and I don’t know about you but I want to be able to have strength and move well pain free for years to come.

So we will be starting a new Core Stability class here at CFR.  Focusing on core movement progressions, balance, flexibility and re-patterning of dysfunctional or inefficient movements.  Some of the work we will do is expand upon our current mobility practices, set up progressions for lower abs, glutes, multifidus and the feet.  Each week will build upon the work of the previous and new stuff added based on needs of the class.

Classes will likely be once a week 30 mins in length.  We are starting with classes after at 10 am (after bootcamp) and 5pm (after the 430 class).  We can look at extending classes later if there is more interest and may you tube some of the movements for everyone–but making a class so we can laser in on form will be essential, especially in the start up. There should be 2-4 exercises that will be encouraged for you to put into daily practice especially in the initial start up phase. Exercises will be simple enough, resembling Yoga or Pilate holds and will begin at a foundational level and will be built upon.  This is encouraged with your regular training or if you are dealing with an injury can be done by itself.  Great for everyone beginner to elite.  Looking forward to bringing this to our community and excited to see the results we can get from it!!  What was that goal for 2014??  I think this class will help you get there 😀

Coach Tina-

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