Member Of The Month – October, 2017 – CrossFit Resurgence

Member Of The Month – October, 2017

October, 2017 Member of the Month: Kim Nieto

Tell us a little bit about yourself? (family, where you are from, etc)

I moved to oswego 13 years ago from Chicago. I’m married to Rick Nieto and we have 3 children. Spencer is 17 and a senior, Aiden is 14 and a freshman, and our daughter Lola is 8 and in the 3rd grade.

How did you get started in CrossFit?

My friend Marisa Bonney introduced crossfit to me over 6 years ago. She told me all about this gym she goes to and how it’s nothing like other workout places. She encouraged me to try it out. I met Craig Kaufman and the rest is crossfit history. I followed him when he left that gym to open Resurgence and here I am today. I’m forever grateful to Marisa for suggesting it, and CK for being the awesome person he is.

What are your favorite movements to do during a WOD?

Well I love any wod with barbell movements. Cleans and snatches are my favorite. I always say, give me a workout with a bar and under 5 rounds, and I’ll crush it!

When you’re not in the gym busting your butt, what is your favorite things to do?

I love reading and spending time with my kids. I’ve been known to enjoy a drink or 5 now and again.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about yourself?

My shyness can often be misunderstood. I’m actually a very kind person, I just have a hard time initiating conversations. I’m working on that in my old age 😉 Also, most people don’t know I used to weigh over 200lbs! I definitely credit crossfit with my ability to keep the weight off.

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