Member Of The Month – November 2016 – CrossFit Resurgence

Member Of The Month – November 2016

MoM November 2016 8x10

1. I grew up in Woodridge and moved out to Aurora when I started teaching in 2007 right out of college. Then moved to Oswego 3 years ago when I bought my first house. I have 1 brother and a sister-in-law who is also a Jessica Block😂. I have a fur-kid/Yorkie named Bentley but still looking for Mr. Right.
2. I got started with Crossfit because I was tired of just going to the gym and missing out on the social component. I work with the owner of Crossfit Amplify and his wife & him invited me to check it out back in 2012. I was brought to Crossfit Resurgence shortly after by Angela McKimson (Ventrella) because I needed a place closer to home. Then I fell in love…I drank the Kool-aid😝 and it quickly became my family since my actual family moved to Wisconsin.
3. My favorite movements are pistols, sit ups and double unders. “Annie” is my girl!
4. I love that Crossfit is different everyday. It’s something that keeps your ego in check because it always finds a way to kick your ass but you want to come back for more! I love that CFR has become my pseudo-family and some of my best friends.
5. When I’m not at the gym I am probably cooking, doing unnecessary shopping😂, or spending time with my favorite CFR ladies!
6. Hmmm, most people probably don’t know that I’m finishing my 2nd Master’s degree, I can speak French (conversational), and I’ve lived in England (student teaching).
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