Member Of The Month – April 2017 – CrossFit Resurgence

Member Of The Month – April 2017

Member Of The Month April 2017


about myself- I’m 17 and go to neuqua. I have a family of 5, I have an older and younger brother, and a dog named Wrigley.

How I got started- my mom introduced me to Robby’s boot camp when I was 14 and I did that for a few months, then I started doing crossfit classes.

Favorite movements- double unders and squat snatches!!

What I love best- I love getting to workout and also hang out with my friends at the same time
What I do when I’m not at the gym- I’m usually at the gym as much as I can be haha but if I’m not I’m probably hanging out with Rowan or friends from school
What people don’t know about me- for a long time I  really liked fashion/cosmetology and used to want to have a career related to that
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