It’s not the nail!!! – CrossFit Resurgence

It’s not the nail!!!


Jen got out from behind the kitchen for a second so we shoved some booze down her throat! Lol

I wrote this a couple weeks back and was gonna post the video but I never did and then last night at the Christmas party jessica, amanda and Jen were talking to dave Kortge about “the nail” so I figured it was a good time to share!

Also I want to say THANK you for all the support and the nice thank you gift from you guys! Jen and I love our life and it’s because of you guys! We had a great Turnout and everyone seemed to have a great time. Not to mention, y’all clean up well! Love seeing people dressed up.
Lol. And you guys RSVP about as well as you sign up for class!!! I think we ended up with about 175 people or so! Great food, great fun, we love you guys. Thanks and god bless!

Here is post from earlier:

this has nothing to do with crossfit but could definitely improve your life, especially with the holidays coming up and im sure there is plenty of “venting” that is inevitable when we spend so much time with family.
there is a time to solve problems and there is a time to just shut up and listen. this concept doesnt make much sense to one of the sexes, but it is perfectly logical to the other. for us guys, when we are presented with a problem, what do you think we are goiing to want to do with it?? fix it of course! thats what we do. fix things. well sometimes things dont need to be fixed, they just need to be… talked about… and by talked about, i mean you better not open your mouth when your talking to me! haha. seriously. sometimes just listening is the best solution you can provide for your friend and/or spouse. so if you are a fixer, an adive giver, or just a general know it all that thinks he has the answer to every question, just shut up and listen once. the people in your life will appreciate it. I know from experience…

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