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Gun class next steps and next strength programming cycle


 I just wanted to take a moment and get a little sappy. I am so honored and privledged to have a man of Jim caliber teaching us how to handle a firearm here at CFR. Not only did we learn basic gun safety principles that will help us to ensure safety for our loved ones and ourselves, but the principles transcend into the rest of your life. Being intentional about everything and realizing the finality of life helped me make a great perspective shift. Thank you OJ for sharing your time and expertise with us, it was apparent that you are not only a professional but passionate about guns and the sport of shooting. We also learned importance of being prepared and real world self defense. Great kick off to our next outing. Check the dates below, and  join us for a road stop to Waterman, IL. The first class will be April 17th at Aurora Sportsman Club and we would like to pack the house. 

New strength wave! I love that you guys are so interested and I want to keep everyone in the loop. Save this pic and refer to it so you know when the strength days are. The next focus is push press and after the one arm DB press last cycle I’m really excited to see some big numbers as we work through the push press. You now have experienced the length of a wave and you see the progression, so learn from that. Don’t throw a ton of weight on at the beginning. Stay with perfect form and keep within the reps and percentages each week. Trust the system. 

Looking forward to an amazing 2016. As always shoot me any questions or feedback via email! 


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