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CrossFit Resurgence – FIT

Bootcamp (No Measure)

FIT Bootycamp

Warm-up: Rotate through the stations 1 time (not timed – just to get comfortable with the movements while Carrie checks form)

Workout: 40/20 HIIT stations (2 stations for each station to allow for 16 participants)

Station 1: Fluid Abs using sliders on the turf

Station 2: Burpee + sprint on turf

Station 3: Ring Rows

Station 4: Skinny V-up + Burpee or skinny V-up (scaled)

Station 5: Row on rower

Station 6: Side plank, open up and kick bottom leg thru

Station 7: Alt. Curtsy lunges with slam in the middle

Station 8: Squat hold

Station 9: Grab a drink and watch your buddies

*** 5 Rounds of the workout***

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