Body fat analysis tonight! 5pm. And weekend shout outs  – CrossFit Resurgence

Body fat analysis tonight! 5pm. And weekend shout outs 

Joe and Kalleigh. 

Bonz race legs. Dang that’s a lot of running!
Hey couple quick announcements and shoutouts! We had a lot of people doing cool stuff this weekend. Wanted to give them props! 

But first, last day for granite games, we have about 15 peeps signed up for it and if you want to jump in, it’s not too late. Sign up by 5pm and get WoD done by 9pm and your good to go. Join our community: Resurgence Squad. 

2nd, if you are new here or if you have never had your body comp taken, get here tonight!! 5pm. Bill will be back taking follow up measures from the last 30 day challenge we just completed. It is a great way to track your progress, especially if you are new to Crossfit as you will build muscle as well as lose fat and this tracks both so even if you don’t lose a ton on the scale, you can see your progress and not get discouraged. 

Cost is $10 only and bill will be here from 5p to at least 630p

Last wanted to give both Marisa B and Joe and Kalleigh G some love. Bonz did the Ragnar 200+ mile run and she did it was only a team of 6!!! Crazy effort, not to mention it was about 100 degrees and she’s not even a runner, just a crossfitter. Awesome job completing such a grueling journey. 

Joe and Kalleigh were down in Normal running with the police Dept. For the special Olympiad torch run and they also battled the heat and Kalleigh g. Helped them raise over $18k. You guys are awesome. 

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