Team Training at CrossFit Resurgence

Our goal is to integrate Crossfit methodology with traditional speed and agility training that creates a program unrivaled in regards to preparing young athletes for the demands of their specific sports. Each sport will have a training plan tailored to their specific sport, while providing the foundation of general physical preparedness that Crossfit methodology provides. Not only will CFR provide a platform for athletes to improve in physical skills such as speed, power, strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance, but Crossfit workouts have a unique ability to improve mental fortitude and improve team unity and cohesiveness of the group through the rigors of training together.

Our balanced approach to training builds a solid foundation to keep athletes healthy and injury free, as well as works to improve areas of weakness that are often ignored. To put it bluntly, teams that train with us are better prepared, they stay on the field longer, and they play together better as a team.

Not only does CFR provide strength and conditioning to help young athletes build up their physical bodies, but our professional coaches and positive community provide a safe and healthy environment for kids to train after school.


Private Packages:
1 on 1 $75/Session
2 on 1 $50/Session
3 on 1 $40/Session
*Min 10 Sessions

Small group Packages:
8 Week blocks in session/off season
Min 4-6 Kids/ $20-Sesssion

Call for team pricing