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Autopsy on success 

I read this in a book once so I can’t take credit for the idea, but this simple concept is a game changer and I wanted to share it with you as I roll out something new which is actually something old! Lol! Doing an autopsy on your success vs your failures. 
Many of you will remember my no caps, run on sentences, describing the events of the day, the inside jokes, the PRs and progress, and the pics of you guys in action. As we transitioned to other coaches doing the posting and the programming duties, we continued it for a while and then slowly, it faded into the distance, a mere memory of old times when the gym was small and everyone knew everyone. (Single tear drop for dramatic effect…😢)
Those stupid blogposts were a lot of work, when we first opened often times I was the one closing out the last class and cleaning up (sometimes with the help of my degenerate hour friends!) and then heading home to rehash the days memories, trying to get it done before I passed out and got the text of “what’s the wod tomorrow?” Shit, let me finish typing it in at 3am and then go back to sleep for another hour and a half. 

Those are times I don’t think I would like to revisit in terms of being the Sleeping Bandit, but man those are some good memories! Almost 10 years later (I started my Crossfit journey as an athlete just like you guys back in 2008! And we opened our first affiliate in 2009), as we embark on expanding into an 8000 sq ft facility from our current 4000 sq ft space, we are creating systems to keep the experience the same as what made CFR special and making sure we don’t lose any of the personal touch as we grow! 
Well recently 2 things came up for my lovely wife and she was kind enough to share them with me, so she gets the credit (or the blame if you hate it! Lol!) 1) was the circle stretch and 2) was the blog posts 
Both of these items don’t have a dollar amount attached to them, they don’t have a clear metric to track, and therefore it is hard to quantify their impact! But they have a high emotional return on investment, and in doing our autopsy on success, we discovered that maybe the little things that we took for granted were actually the things that made us special! 
Circle stretch. What it means to me and what Jenny noticed was getting your body fully warmed up and ready for each movement of the day. But more than that, it’s a chanced to do some “forced” mobility/flexibility work. Let’s face it, no one stretches on their own. No one does their rehab exercises. When we take the time to consistently do these things, we actually improve range of motion and prevent potential injury. But more importantly, it forces us to talk to each other! You have to find out people’s name, and you have to find out what people are up to, and you get to share about your life! If the thought of that makes your skin crawl, I’m sorry, you can stay silent lol! But getting out of your comfort zone is what makes Crossfit so effective and so special, and it’s not just in the workouts that we get out of our comfort zone! Meeting and engaging with new and different people is awkward and hard and once you do it, you realize something about yourself and you can’t go back. Just like climbing a rope for the first time in class, making eye contact and saying hi I’m craig nice to meet you can freak some people out. Well the time is now. Everyone gets a free pass for not knowing names this month, but you better learn them cause come October we all are gonna be on a first name basis. 
Blog post. The blog was the story of the gym. It was what was going on In Between the lines. The workouts are more than just how much weight got lifted. They are people experiencing things for the first time, they are victories, they are friendships, they are inside jokes, they are suffering together, they are life. Crossfit is a microcosm of life. So being that we are more than just a gym, we are a #cfrfam, we have to have communication to know what’s going on with our family members lives! There is a quote I love that says pain shared is pain divided, which we have seen you guys come together in a huge way when people in our tribe were hurting. And the flip side to the saying is joy shared is joy multiplied, and I think that’s why crossfitters are so annoying to the rest the world! Hahah. We just want to share our joy with you because quite frankly what we did today was pretty baddass!!!! 
So if you are new, enjoy, and be ready cause I might throw you into the spotlight. If you are an OG, welcome back to the old school. 
Post comments below if you love or hate CK rambles on the wods and why??? Do you have any memories of being recognized for something cool that you did that stick out to you? 

Where can you take the time to do your own autopsy on your success. What habit was in your life that seemed insignificant when you were doing your best at eating or exercising or having a great relationship with your kid? Maybe you thought it was no big deal at the time, but it is a critical part to keeping you on track. 
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Love you guys! 
Coach CK

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