Our Mission – CrossFit Resurgence

Our Mission

The driving force behind what we do at Crossfit Resurgence is to Provide Excellence in Coaching, a Thriving Community, and Deliver REAL Results. We feel that our gym is different, and we want you to feel that same way as soon as you walk into the door! We are passionate about what we do and we do a great job of making something intimidating like hard exercise seem doable for everyone. We truly are a judgement free zone! Come as you are, and you will get super fit, and you will have fun doing it.

Our core values:

1. Commitment to Excellence – Our goal is to the common, uncommonly well. Check out this article about Virtuosity by Greg Glassman, founder of Crossfit. From movement standards, to technique, to programming, to tracking your workouts, to the cleanliness of the gym. Good enough is not good enough, we constantly strive for excellence and look for ways to be better.

2. Continuing Education – We place a high emphasis on learning. All of our coaches are encouraged to attend as many relevant certifications and seminars as they can, in fact CFR offers a scholarship program to help offset the cost for our coaches. We want to stay on the cutting edge and give our clients the most up to date information possible.

3. Integrity – We promise to do what we say we are going to do, Every time. We want you to know you can trust us with your health and fitness goals.

4. Professionalism – There are a lot of choices when it comes to fitness out there. We want to stand out from the crowd with the way we treat each client. Prompt, courteous service. Clean, well equipped facility. Knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to over deliver in every aspect of your fitness experience.

5. Community – We are a judgement free zone. Welcoming to anyone and everyone that is ready to take their health and fitness seriously. We will embrace you and accept you, just come as you are. There is no getting in shape first. We will start at your level and provide the support and encouragement to keep you on track. Our community consists of in house events, social events, races, challenges, and sometimes even helping each other move!