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Monthly Rates and Pricing

(Pricing Effective 1/1/2018 for new members)


Fundamentals Course:

On average, a new members takes 9-15 sessions to complete the curriculum.  A new member will have to pass a list of benchmarks before they are entered into the group session.  This is for the new members safety as well as existing members.  A person with no history of exercise or any physical activity may require more sessions to get them fully prepared for classes.

Varies per athlete. starting as low as $300 for small group and $500 for individual.

We also offer hybrid membership for those interested in personal training and Crossfit class, as low as $200/month

*Functional Movement Screening provides comprehensive feedback of areas that need extra help. If you would like the FMS done without the Fundamentals Course the cost is $80

Individual Monthly Rates:

Unlimited membership $165 per month

$145 per month for 13 sessions

Same Household Discount:

Unlimited membership $145/each per month

We offer a special discount for Firefighters, Police Officers, Active Duty, and students. 

Unlimited membership $145 per month


CrossFit Membership with Personal Training Sessions:

Unlimited Membership plus 1 P.T. Session per month $175

Unlimited Membership plus 2 P.T. Sessions per month $200


Drop-In Fee:
If you are in from out of town and an established CrossFittter the fee for one day is $20 or buy a shirt for $25. If you are in for longer than a day we can work out a package deal.  Either option please write us to let us know to expect you by going to our Contact Us page.  If you are a friends of an existing member, the drop in rate is $10 or buying a shirt.