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About Us

Craig started coaching athletes in 2008 while working himself up the ranking of Chicago’s Mixed martial arts circuit. He trained with Team No Ego MMA under head coaches Dennis Hughes and Armando Sanders. At that time Team No Ego roster of fighters included UFC veteran Terry Martin, and Future UFC Heavyweight Contender Mike Russow among other amateur and pro fighters with backgrounds in collegiate wrestling, law enforcement, and traditional martial arts. Craig jumped into training and within 6 months had 2 amateur fights under his belt. His first pro fight ended quickly after a questionable stoppage, but he ripped off 5 wins in a row before being beaten again. A few more wins against increasingly tough competition put Craig in a position to make a leap to some bigger shows. A submission loss in Atlantic City and a couple other losses to UFC vets proved that Craig wasn’t quite ready to make the leap to the big time. After switching training camps to work with Overtime MMA in Naperville, Craig refocused and got into the best shape of his life. He was able to win his last fight against one of the top local guys at the time, but realized that the time commitment to make it to the top was too much to handle with his growing business and growing family! He made the tough decision to hang up the gloves and focus on CrossFit and his family.


When Craig first joined the Crossfit world, it was as an athlete, under the coaching of Mark Reinke and Jason Homesley at CrossFit Tri-Cities in St. Charles. The year was 2007 and he had no clue what Crossfit even was. After walking by Sammy’s bike shop in St. Charles, and peaking his head the window, Craig went back home and started researching Crossfit. Knowing he needed to get stronger for MMA, but wanting something functional to make him a better athlete, more explosive and get a high strength to bodyweight ratio, he couldn’t believe what a perfect match Crossfit was! This was exactly what he had been looking for and God has placed it right in his backyard. Over the next year, as the training became more intense and workouts became a bigger part of his life, Craig knew a change was needed. Craig continued to pursue both MMA and Crossfit, getting his CF-L1 certification in 2008, while stilling keeping his “day job” as a Sales rep for a company in the construction industry.
With a goal of bringing the awesomeness of Crossfit to his MMA teammates, Craig looked to open a Crossfit affiliate inside the Force training center (where Team No Ego and Force wrestling shared space) in downtown Plainfield. In 2008, there was not a Crossfit affiliate on every corner like there seems to be now, so when Craig looked into the crossfit.com database and discovered crossfit will county was less than 5 minutes from location he planned on opening, he knew God was at work again. After meeting with John Edmondson, who was currently operating CFWC out of his garage, Craig and John decided to take a chance and expand into the Force training center, leasing 1000 sq ft and sharing duties as coaches at CFWC. It didn’t take long to outgrow the small corner of the gym in Plainfield and the search began for a new space to accommodate the growing membership.


432 treasure dr. oswego became the first true home of CFWC, and it is still going strong today. As business continued to grow and Craig saw the feasibility of a Crossfit gym being more than just a part time thing, but a way of life for him and his family, he knew more tough decisions had to be made. Craig was still trying to do it all, working both in sales, trying to grow a new start up business and pursue the MMA career. Something had to give. Because the MMA and Crossfit were so intertwined, Craig knew the “real job” had to go. So with a small child and a wife that still hadn’t gone back to work, Craig did the unthinkable and quit his job. It was only through Gods provision that the Kaufman family was able to make it through some lean times as CFWC continued to grow and started to provide enough to pay the bills!


After Craigs last fight, he again had another realization. Its Funny how god works. Even though the MMA was a huge part of how he found Crossfit, Craig’s pursuits as an athlete were taking away from the amount of time he could invest in the business and the skills required to be a successful fighter were in fact different than those of a successful coach. In April of 2010, after a grueling training camp, Craig needed a break from fighting and shifted his focus to 100% Crossfit. It became clear that with now a successful business to grow and manage as well as a family that included 2 kids, there was no room left for MMA. As CFWC continued to grow, another fork in the road arose. Despite the success of the business, with Craigs goal of it providing the sole income for his family to live, a quick look into the future showed that even if they continued on the path of growth, to achieve the level of success to support 2 partners was going to be a long way off. Not sure what God had planned next, but knowing that it would not be possible to support the family much longer, Craig and John decided to part ways, with John buying back the business. Growing the business from 15 clients to over 70 and having to walk away was bittersweet, but the experience Craig gained in coaching and all that he learned from John along the way was priceless. John has been coaching and doing Crossfit for longer than almost anyone in Illinois. His knowledge in the field of strength and conditioning is vast, and the hours Craig put in coaching with and learning from john helped groom Craig to the coach he is today.


After polishing up his resume to return back to the “real world” of business, Craig was taken by surprise when not 1 but 2 former clients approached him about investing in him and opening a new location to continue coaching Crossfit. Again Gods hand was in things as a friend called Craig about a property for rent on 111th st in Naperville. When Craig went to look at the place, it was a small office in the basement with low ceilings and not even close to enough space to run a gym out of! After a conversation explaining what he actually needed, the agent placed a phone call to the landlord, and showed Craig a spot that wasn’t even on the market yet. There was in fact some garage space not being used that was going to become available. Things were in motion to rent our current space! It was the home of Sparks auto repair, who was looking to downsize as the extra bay had never even been used to work on cars, it was just extra space used for meetings and storing bob’s extra junk! With the help of friends, family, and some of our OG members who heard about our new venture, we were able to get the space cleaned out and ready in just a few short weeks!
Knock down a few walls, build some shelves to clear out as much floor space as possible, and you have CFR as you see it today! We are currently a family owned business (craigs Dad Elmer, Craig and Jen) with over 200+ members. We have a thriving community and we are constantly improving and adding things to our program. Our mission is to provide Excellence in coaching, a thriving community and get our clients REAL results. We take pride in helping all of our clients reach their goals. We specialize in providing a non-intimidating approach to Crossfit, with an extensive foundations program, Functional movement screening to help people stay injury free, yoga classes, bootcamp classes, and an endurance program. We have a working partnership with Illinois Spinal and Sports Rehab, one of the most educated sports rehab chiropractors in the area, so we are constantly looking at things from not just the performance side, but the clinical side as well. We will meet with you one on one and evaluate your current level of fitness and find out your goals so we can help you reach them. Contact us today and we will set you up with an appointment to meet one of our expert coaches. I cant wait to meet you and I look forward to helping you change your life!