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3 things I learned at the Deadlift seminar

Another awesome session this weekend at CFR with special guests Corey and Pam. Some real big weight got pulled but more importantly some really specific cues and strategies/techniques were discussed and practiced under watchful eyes. Learned how to set up much better and safer, as well as that every body is different and no setup or technique will look the exact same. Just like a golf swing or wrestling shot, but there are some principles that must be present. 1) Lat engagement is HUGE. Yeah we knew to use th lats but Corey had us cramping up we were squeezing so hard. Felt a big difference 2) keeping the bar close makes a difference! Especially when you get heavy. Really crowding the bar and driving the knees out made the weight jump off the floor much quicker when I adjusted the bar position 3) you can still get a good breath in after finding your hand placement on the bar. Previously I would breathe in at top and then find my grip and go, but watching Corey he grabs bar, leans over to breathe, then pulls himself back into position and rips it. I tried it this way and felt like I didn’t have to hold my breath for nearly as long and subsequently didn’t almost pass out after my pull. Lol
We will definitely be working in some as an accessory to our squat and traditions DL and Oly game. The stress is less on the back and more on the glutes which should translate into bigger lifts for the Crossfit movements. 
Oh yeah. And a 4th thing I learned for extra bonus: no matter how strong you get, there’s always someone warming up with your max somewhere. Hahaha. 

Here’s a short clip of Corey pulling about 755 or so. No big deal. 

Corey big pull 

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