103111 Halloween Monday | CrossFit Resurgence

103111 Halloween Monday


Brett joins the team. Yes, Hes really that tall…


Happy Halloween! Wear your costume to the WOD today! just kidding… unless you really want to. Also happy birthday to my REAL Pops, Elmer Edward Kaufman. Love you Dad. and of course the female honey badger herself has a birthday too. Happy birthday Bonney!!


1030am OnRamp class starts today! 1st one! It will meet Mon-Wed-Fri for 2 weeks and we are offering it at a discounted rate!

We are also going to start a 530pm class November 21st for you evening folks. It will meet M-W-F for 2 weeks. The special pricing will be running for the whole month of November. Get signed up now, as we will cap the class at 6 people!


I had a brief shout out to all who participated in the grand opening and did Amazing Grace WOD, but I wanted to acknowledge some more behind the scenes action.  My wife Jen was responsible for such a smooth running event! She played an integral role in rounding up our neighboring businesses, orgazing the raffle, lining up activities for the kids, and keeping you guys informed.

Also, for those of you in attendance, you saw how gangster all the trainers looked in the polo shirts, and we have to give Jim aka “the most interesting man in the world” credit for that. He caught a lot of flack, but at the end of the day, we all looked damn good and we are grateful for the shirts! Thanks Pop!

Thanks to the vendors for coming out and donating: I wanted to recognize New Balance, Sparks Complete Car Care, Mimi’s Cafe, Wallace Farms, Progenex, and MANY of our members. Patronize your local businesses! I will start working on a “community business” page, so you can all see where you can shop to support your fellow crossfitters.

Props of the day go to Jonny Blaze with the fastest male time of the day (2:37), much to Dansome’s dismay after he put up a beasty time of 2:44. Stacey “Vegas” crushed it in 4:17, but Jyllianne stole the show for the females with a 3:00 flat RX time. beast mode! Also props to ALL the girls that rocked it at the full 95lb despite thinking it was going to be too heavy 😉 you guys killed it, no problem! beth-4:37! mariss 5:41, happy f’n birthday! and tina 6:35! All in all, over 50 athletes worked out and we raised a crapload of money to save boobs! a great day for all!


Back to business as usual. Light week for the Comp Team peeps as we ship off to Springfield, MO friday morning to compete in the HOA. Cant wait!! anyone that wants to come watch, let us know! its going to be a blast. We are taking 12 athletes, and Im sure we can accomodate with transportation and room/board. call Jen if you want in!


Skills/WU: burgener, hspu kip technique work, pec minor stretch on dip bar

WOD: we dubbed this one “bisquits and gravy”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
95 pound Thruster, 5 reps
95 pound Hang Powercleans, 7 reps
95 pound Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 10 reps

Cool Down: hip series… and oh yeah…

“the HONEY Cougar”

10 rounds:

31 double unders

31 situps



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