102811 Friday | CrossFit Resurgence

102811 Friday


happy bday to both paul and laura. some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

freestyle friday! comp team, if you havent hit helen yet, this is your last chance.

everybody else gets angie or half angie.  

finisher for everyone:

“his and hers” aka paulie and laura

41 pistols each side

42 1 arm pushups each side

*do 1 set of each leg pistol, then 1 set of each arm pushup. alternate until complete. do the hardest scale you are capable of.


Last day before the event. Thanks for all the time eveyone has put in! I dont even recognize the lab!!! its looking like a real business, what the heck? I can handle all this professionalism. Next thing you know, Jimmy is going to make me wear a uniform to the gym! Cant wait for Saturday, you guys are awesome, thanks for making this possible! If you want information about the event, or want to know if you can help, call me or Jen at 630-903-8767

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