102711 Thursday | CrossFit Resurgence

102711 Thursday


Sue and Mich know how to do it right. no car, no problem. just make sure you got a basket on the bike!


for you “professionals” at the lab, who cant get away with wearing dans favorite 5 fingers…

-Keep on the straight and narrow with your pistols!!! only 4 days left. have you progressed to the next level?

-Grand Opening just 2 short days away! get ready for some fun!

Mobility and Recovery.

2 routes you can take, OR if you are feeling froggy, do both:

Lower body-partner pnf series we have been working. hammy, piriformis, twist, quad, and int/ext rotation

shoulders-internal rotation piece, lax to rhomboids, foam to lats and pecs


hit em both if you have time!!!



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