091112 Tuesday


today is the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that almost 3,000 americans lost their lives in. it is a day to remember the sacrifice of those who gave everything that day and also a time to pray for protection for those still suffering from health issues related to what happened that day. also those that are out in the front lines, both here and on foreign soil deserve a big thank you and god bless.


paleo challenge coming up real quick. are you ready?? jen has been on a roll lately in the kitchen. here is another good recipe to add to the collection. can be as paleo or as un-paleo as you want. of course we kept it ghetto paleo at our house. (nevermind that chip in the corner… that was ellas…)

recipe link: (props to reyna malley for hooking us up with the website!


traps sore?? mine are…  and i cant reach em. rear delts sore? dont have anyone around to give you the shoulder torture aka sleeper stretch. dont worry friends. i got some new pain canes comin to the gym. joe s has one of these are they are amazing for reaching spots you cant reach yourself. with all the oly work we have been doing on outlaw, my traps need some love. i went to dr. rick the other day and he hooked me up with some ART that helped a ton. it got me thinking, how can I do that myself, and the pain cane came to mind. I bought a couple and ill leave at the gym for yall to try out. you wont be dissapointed.



back squat (these are NOT high bar)




part 1:

10min AMRAP of 5 UB HSPU

-rest 2min-

part 2:

4min AMRAP:

12 situps (GHD if available, or use abmat)

12 shoulder touches (see below)

this is a gymnastics drill. check this vid here:

-rest 2 min-

part 3:

In 4 minutes complete as many (bottom paused) UB Snatch Balances @ 135/95# as possible.

Notes: The “bottom pause” portion of the lift is to hold the bottom position for 10 FULL seconds. The goal is to complete the entire piece without dropping the barbell. You may rest in the back rack position. There will be a 20 Burpee penalty for every time the barbell is dropped. The penalty should be performed AFTER the 4 minutes is up.


the outlaw coach rudy got 9 in 4 minutes, so thats your number to beat!

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