032515 Wednesday  – CrossFit Resurgence

032515 Wednesday 

Overhead squats!!!!! Love seeing people that couldn’t even OHS stick or bar take the time to put in that mobility work and get depth on Ohs. Discipline. Jeison on top fighting for position.  Bastic in the middle working even with his broken shoulder. Bobby Mac on the bottom. He’s been killing it lately. 

fun little JB chipper yesterday. Those muscle ups at the end were brutal, so if you had trouble getting em don’t feel bad! I Could barely string any together and saw multiple people that don’t usually have any trouble failing reps. Just a nasty combination. Back on the horse tomorrow. 

Now yall prepped and ready for last open wod which is going to have thrusters and box jumps or burpee boxjumps… Everyone is positive of lol. Until Castro throws us all for a loop and programs something crazy. 


400m run

20 DB snatch, 55/35lb

5 rope climbs

400m run

16 db snatch, 55/35lb

4 rope climb 

400m run

12db snatch, 55/35lb

3 rope climb 

400m run

8 db snatch, 55/35lb 

2 rope climbs 

My little twist on a mainsite wod. Get out and stretch those legs. Supposed to be warm. If it rains, you can row if you are worried about melting.Feel free to scale up on the weight forthe dumbbell snatch. If you can’t do a rope climb, scale is pull off your backx2 or 6 ring rows.

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