011512 Team Saturday | CrossFit Resurgence

011512 Team Saturday

Kim and Marisa working muscle up progressions

Marek post “gauntlet 2.0”

Donna can do bar muscle ups all day, but the rings are a different animal. Shes getting closer!

Dave C. joined the muscle up club last night after practicing for about 30min straight! Of course, coach Craig was slow on the trigger finger and we didnt get it on video, as he was too fatigued to duplicate it. As soon as I catch it live, Ill get it up here for you. Im trying to catch coach Dan for 1st muscle ups coached… bahahah


FGB at BareBones Crossfit in Yorkville today. Dave and Mellisa are doing a charity event for injured Marine Kyle Moser.


We have CFR athletes competing around 1230 and 1pm, go cheer them on and help support a great cause!


We will still have both WODS at our gym as well, 830 and 930. remember to sign up.

WOD: with a partner or solo


Box Jumps

Sledgehammer strikes to tire


Finisher: tire flip races


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